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March of the Mad Hares

February 19, 2011 1 comment

Sometimes we find an area of expression that consumes a lifetime.  Mine happens to be an artform called printmaking.  It utilizes copper or zinc plates and subjects them to many processes.  The image is drawn in reverse, which means the artist must see images and values in reverse.  After the images are etched onto a plate, then they must be transferred, or printed to paper.  This is the printing process and utilizes a large printing press, also called an intaglio press.  The plate is wiped with ink and carefully registered with the paper.  The press applies tons of pressure to deboss a beautiful image called an intaglio.  Intaglios come in several forms, the chief two are called etching and engraving.  There is no art form quite like a well printed etching.  All line are debossed with one powerful, clean, and spontaneous stroke; the image shouts, printmaking.

Below, I have created a little montage of my images onto a video.  I am not an expert with editing programs, but wanted to do a video because it is a good vehicle for containing my work.

“March of the Mad Hares,” represents the art of Professor Ralph Slatton, done in the printmaking process called, intaglio. His animal images represent the individual cages in which humans hide, and the surreal landscapes that exist within each individual.